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Scientific Position (f/m/d) in ENTAILab

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Within the DFG-funded Infrastructure Priority Programme New Data Spaces for the Social Sciences (SPP 2431), the following position (salary max. E14 TV-L, 50%) is to be filled as of 01 April 2024, provided that final approval is granted by the DFG. The position is initially limited to three years. It may be extended depending on the approval of the second funding phase. The programme may also be extended for more than six years.

Scientific Position (f/m/d) in ENTAILab, the core project of the DFG Infrastructure Priority Programme New Data Spaces for the Social Sciences

New Data Spaces, and its core infrastructural service and research center, ENTAILab, is a multi-local programme distributed across several institutes and universities in Germany. The advertised position in ENTAILab Measure Results for Future Data Spaces and Open Science is located at the Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi) in Bamberg.

The Leibniz Institute for Educational Trajectories (LIfBi), with about 250 employees, is an independent research and infrastructure institution for empirical educational research and a member of the Leibniz Association. The core of the institute is the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS), the largest longitudinal educational study in Germany. LIfBi is active in acquiring third-party funding and is constantly expanding its research profile through successfully acquired projects.

The researcher filling this position will work in close cooperation with the members of the programme committee: Prof. Dr. Cordula Artelt (speaker), Prof. Dr. Corinna Kleinert (both LIfBi), Prof. Dr. Stefan Liebig (Freie Universität Berlin), Prof. Dr. Alexander Mehler (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt), Prof. Dr. Reinhard Pollak (Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, GESIS). The programme committee leads and coordinates ENTAILab.

The Programme New Data Spaces for the Social Sciences and ENTAILab

The coordinated long-term DFG infrastructure priority programme SPP 2431 aims at innovating the data landscape available for social science research by improving, enhancing, and combining existing data sources and data that have only recently become available. The SPP contributes to this aim by bundling the skills, knowledge, and expertise in different fields of empirical social research and computer science and by providing the means to test new methods and procedures of data generation, to develop best practice examples of data sources, data collection, and data integration, to enhance data quality, and to anchor innovations in data collection programmes.

ENTAILab is the programme’s core infrastructural service and research centre. It is dedicated to the use and advancement of existing research infrastructures, the demand-oriented generation of a new research infrastructure for the needs of the SPP projects, and the development of new data spaces. Its aim is to meet the diverse needs of the programme’s projects and to disseminate results and deliverables. ENTAILab integrates four measures: Build on and Develop Existing Panel Studies, Research-driven Infrastructure for Advanced Survey-related Data (CIRCLET), Protection and Data Ethics, and Results for Future Data Spaces and Open Science.

For more information on the programme and ENTAILab see:

Your tasks

The position in ENTAILab Measure Results for Future Data Spaces and Open Science will be responsible for  
  • integrating and systemizing the fields of the SPP projects (e.g., by generating research maps that explore the challenges, needs, and developments of the programme’s four research areas: Data Exploration and Integration, Respondent-driven Designs, Instrument Validity, and Multimodal Data Acquisition)
  • generating content for the dissemination of the integrated and systematized results of the SPP projects (e.g., through transferable deliverables in various formats and further services for the wider scientific community and the public: reports, policy papers, social media posts, website news etc.)
  • supporting the reproducibility and reusability of the SPP project outcomes – together with ENTAILab Measure Research-driven Infrastructure for Advanced Survey-related Data (CIRCLET) – by preparing and documenting best-practice tools and applications for the purpose of dissemination (e.g., regarding user-friendliness or ensuring the FAIR principles)
  • cooperating closely with the programme committee and SPP’s coordination and management team to
    • conceptualize and organize SPP conferences
    • conduct general media and science communication
    • explore needs beyond the SPP and its projects: e.g., translate technicalities, methods, results, or areas of application, which will result in resources that feed back into the preparation of a potential second SPP funding phase

Your prerequisites

  • Master degree, preferably doctorate, in a relevant subject area (e.g., social sciences, psychology, educational research, computer science)
  • Experience in survey methods, (longitudinal) empirical social research, open science
  • Experience in science communication
  • Interest in innovating data for the social sciences, data protection and data ethics
  • Excellent knowledge of English, the ability to work in interdisciplinary and multi-local teams

We offer

  • Possibility of intensive networking in seminal subject areas highly relevant for society
  • Support for academic qualifications theses, e.g., doctoral, postdoctoral, or other required qualifications in academia, e.g., participation in conferences 
  • Performance-adequate salary (TV-L)
  • Flexible working times, possibility of remote work, broad offers of further training
  • Modern workplace and environment (see
  • Working in an attractive region with high living standards
The programme is committed to gender equality and staff diversity. We promote the compatibility of work, family, and care.


Please apply by 29 February 2024 via our online form. If you have any questions about the position and programme, please contact Dr. Patrick Rummel (+49 951 863-3784, or Prof. Dr. Corinna Kleinert (+49 951 863-3571,; programme committee).

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